Our Strategies

  1. Enlightenment Campaign,
    • Diferentiating between migration and illegal migration
    • Identifying classes of those generally involve in illegal migration
    • Identifying reasons for illegal migration
    • Effects of illegal migration
    • Appraising various efforts
  1. Identifying best suitable medium of communication as well as identifying location of target audience.
    • Use of traditional media, advert placement, Radio broadcast printing of flyers, erection of bill boards, Use of Facebook as well as WhatsApp messenger.
  1. Churches and other places of worship, taking advert in the church service bulletin exposing the ills, and organising seminars and symposium through the relevant church societies.


Having regular interactions with head and chiefs of traditional institution, as well as elders forum of the various towns and villages on the topic. To achieve this, free medical access could be given as well as farm empowerment



Using the local government elected ward areas counselors and bringing together the youths for lectures and symposium through, the home truth about Europe journey through the back door, discouraging parents from selling their lands and giving the proceeds to their ward towards the journey.