Our aim is majorly to campaign against illegal migration with a view of discouraging Age – working work force from embarking on this high risk journies through the deserts and the mediterrean sea. that ends with no success

We also want to encourage the youths, parents and other core participants in the trade to be exposed to the reality of the adventure and seek the true alternative which will include valuable skill acqusition for the youths and empowerment of the parents and the need to fight corruption which is endemic.This will help propel youths to be self-reliant and gainfully employed as well as options of achieving legal migration.


Interact, lobby members of the various state legislative assembly with a view of enacting a legislation to crimanalize and give consequences for violation of the law which will centre on illegal migration. i.e. people who travel out of the country without a geniue valid visas, those who out-stayed their visas, and those who migrat without a visa through any of the unrecognised entry or exit route should have conseqnancies attached as well as parents who contribute to such movement.


Formative years of a youth largely take place in his or her last five years in a school mostly secondary education, which in turn shapens the future of the child therefore a careful attention should be given to this end, we shall take a shot on assisting the pupils to identy a carrier, encourage a pursuit of same, help with tuition where necessary.


We shall work closely with various skill acquisition centres, where necessary/set up a multi – purpose skill centre and encourage a co-operative thrifts society with the sole aim of making capital at little or no interest available with a payment moratorium


Shall be voluntary, and shall drive to encourage same