Who We Are

Global Initiative Against Illegal migration (GIAIM) is a non – profit making organization born out of our desire to compliment efforts by government and good intentioned individuals to fight the scourge called “ILLEGAL MIGRATION”. We are incorporated under PART (C) of CAMA (Companies & Allied Matters Act) 2004



 A Nigeria with hope alive, where every youth is empowered



  1. To support the eradication of illegal migration and human trafficking, empower the teaming youth population, and stop the crimes.
  2. To empower youths with vocational skills for self-development and self-dependency as an antidote against illegal migration.



Youth-oriented:  All our activities are based on inherent dignity and potential of Nigerian youths- targets of human traffickers/illegal migration.

Integrity: We consistently uphold honesty and transparency in all we do and say, maintaining a high standard set for ourselves to achieve our ultimate goal.

Commitment: We work diligently and effectively to achieve our vision and goal.

Cooperation: We collaborate with relevant government institutions, like minded civil societies and international organizations

Illegal Migration as of today has silently claimed the lives of the working –age Africa youths in their attempt to seek better opportunities across the Mediterranean Sea. These trips are usually through the desert or by rickety canoe across the Mediterranean, thousands have died during these journeys, while those fortunate to make it, ends up in refugee camps or better still discovers that the so called better opportunities in reality do not exist. Returning to the sending countries is always a problem because the receiving countries are sometimes not willing to bear such cost. Very evident is the fact that European countries will not give a home to those who entered illegally.