GIAIM targets widows in new training scheme



The Global Initiative Against Illegal Migration, a non–profit making organisation focused on fighting illegal migration, has launched a special training scheme aimed at training and empowering hundreds of widows.
This is coming on the heels of the recent completion and launch of the non-government organisation’s multimillion naira skills acquisition and ICT centre in Edo State.
The latest scheme will lead to the training and empowerment of scores of widows in the first batch which, according to the body, will begin in a couple of weeks.
The scheme is part of the body’s holistic approach to the fight to eradicate illegal migration and human trafficking across Nigeria.
A statement GIAIM quoted its Executive Director, Barrister Emmanuel Osime Obinyan, as saying, “Our research has shown that young men and women engaging in illegal migration and human trafficking are mostly the children of widows.
“We, therefore, believe that if these widows are trained and empowered to start their own business, they will have the funds to take adequate care of their children and be fully responsible for their upkeep and welfare.
He added, “When they are empowered and engaged in profitable ventures, the thought of selling their properties to send their children to Europe illegally will not be there.”

The statement further read, “Our aim is majorly to campaign against illegal migration with a view of discouraging the country’s work force from embarking on this high risk journies through the deserts and the Mediterranean Sea that ends with no success
“We also want to encourage the youths, parents and other core participants in the trade to be exposed to the reality of the adventure and seek the true alternative which will include valuable skill acquisition for the youths and empowerment of the parents and the need to fight corruption which is endemic. This will help propel youths to be self-reliant and gainfully employed as well as options of achieving legal migration.”
According to the statement, GIAIM is seeking to interact and lobby members of the various state legislative assembly with a view of enacting a legislation to crimanalise and give consequences for violation of the law which will centre on illegal migration.
it added that parents who contribute to such movement should also face the consequences.
Illegal migration include people who travel out of the country without a genuine/valid visas, those who out-stayed their visas, and those who migrate without a visa through any of the unrecognised entry or exit routes.
The statement concluded, “We shall work closely with various skill acquisition centres centre and encourage a co-operative thrifts society with the sole aim of making capital at little or no interest available with a payment moratorium.”


  1. Great work

  2. Great tasks requiring empowerment

  3. Unity is strenght when it comes to business and enterprises. This brings about using this system in creating cooperative society to empower the trainees and having a direction, finance empowerment and contunity by being able to monitor progress made. For example, the sewing forum can become fashion design training centre and business at the same time where trainees can work and get paid with funds generated by the business. Every business of empowerment established for trained folks must be a part of the entire spectrum of GIAM incoporated which must be an affiliate business of the NGO GIAM. Business centres must be created by GIAM run by the trained ICT trainees. These business centres must be able to teach computer literacy, internent cafe, printing and photocopy activities and the use of skill such as networking and web designs programming and what ever usrful skills on creating a broad spectrum of financial activities that will continue to grow from strenght to strenght in legal business services and empowerment making GIAM more meaningful and financially secure and robust in community development. This will discourage trainees in ICT or Information Technology skills not to abuse them with the desktops or laptops freely given to them for illegal 419 activities or scams

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